Switching Windows 10 Explorer default view

wrote on August 17, 2015

*Updated on March 6, 2017

If you've installed Windows 10 and been using it for the past two weeks you might have been unconsciously annoyed by a switch made to the Explorer view that has subtly reduced your productivity. Below is the screenshot of Windows 10 Explorer's default Quick Access view when it is opened:

Fortunately with a little switch you will be able to restore the much-loved This PC view (seen in Windows Vista to Windows 8):

Solution: restore 'This PC' view

  1. Open Explorer, click on View tab and click Options:

  2. In Folder Options window, click Open File Explorer to and select This PC:

  3. Click OK to apply the settings:

  4. Test Explorer's new default view. Open Explorer and it should show This PC:

  5. Congratulations, your Explorer has become productive for you.


That was a pretty simple change. Personally I find it silly to have a Quick access list on the left panel and on the main view too. Microsoft switches things around occasionally, most things are good but for some things I just don't get the reason (but maybe, they're great for the average user who likes great accessibility with shortcuts rather than a Tree overview). If you're a productivity freak like me I hope this has helped.